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"your twenties are a time of exploration, not certainty. get out and try, dont sit at home thinking you should already know"

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"Tonight, let’s rest in the assurance that if something is meant to be, it isn’t up to us. It’s up to God. We give what we can give. And then wait for Him to give what only He can give."

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take no shit 2014

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"A girl and her bed on Sundays are an endless love affair."

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Jake wanted to play “All The Things Your Man Won’t Do” by Joe so bad…

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Hair Intimacy

Growing up, I was taught the importance of good hair hygiene and it was hammered into my head never to share a comb with anyone. These were the rules to good heath; clip your nails, never share a toothbrush or a comb, brush your teeth. I remember recoiling in horror when I discovered that my back then boyfriend  had accidentally used my toothbrush. I contemplated throwing it away. I have never shared a brush or a comb with anyone besides family. So I view sharing my hair with another with someone else as intimately as sharing any part of my body as well.

What do I mean by intimately? I mean getting to the roots of your hair; touching your scalp (yay head rubs!), knowing the way the hair works and accepting the hair in whatever form. In my previous relationship, the man said that he preferred straightened hair in general. Clearly, we were doomed from the start. At the beginning of my most recent relationship, I remember refusing to be seen because my hair was only halfway done with braids. At that point of our relationship, he was watching me take out my braids. He’d seen the nasty nature of the way hair gets after two months in braids. Clumps and all. He had helped me put in braids. He had washed my hair. And I insisted on head rubs just about every day.

The thing is, there is a trust. You trust someone with something you take pride in (keep reading)

This is brilliant.

Hair intimacy is loving your hair and having someone love it too in whatever state that it is in and however often the style changes.

Hair intimacy is loving your hair and having someone love it too in whatever state that it is in 

Hair intimacy is loving your hair

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How To Get Away With Murder - Summary

My man had a rough first week




the fuck




the fuck

Welcome to San Francisco

Part of my perfect summer

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Leslie Morgan Steiner was in an abusive relationship, though at first she didn’t realize it. In a talk at TEDxRainier, she tells the disturbing story of her relationship, correcting misconceptions many people hold about victims of domestic violence, and explaining how we can all help break the silence.

If you or someone you know is facing domestic violence or an absuive relationship, you can find a list of resources here. The U.S. National Sexual Assault Hotline is 1-800-656-4673 (HOPE), and RAINN offers a secure online hotline.

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